Mark Risley


I can say without fear of hyperbole, in almost 30 years of doing this job you are the finest engineer I've ever worked with.

Petrea Burchard

Voice Talent

I was the voice talent for Stater Bros. Markets for 16 years, during which time we recorded at Bell Sound in Hollywood, where every engineer is a seasoned pro. Yet when Marilyn Morris arrived about seven years ago she quickly became the engineer of choice for me, my producer, and our client, not only because of her expertise and efficiency, but also her creativity and ability to deal with all the varied personalities involved. Marilyn’s own personality is friendly and generous, and she is never anything other than a pleasure to work with. She’s one of those people you call “a gem.”

Marilyn was a jack of all trades when it came to applying her skills to Paintscaping. I could ask her to tackle any project from graphic design to producing casting calls to creative research to asset acquisition, and she would figure out how to get it done. Marilyn started at the company when it was just the two of us working from my home office, and Paintscaping is now one of the largest projection mapping companies in the world.

Philippe Bergeron